Art Exhibition at the wonderful Townhouse in Roscommon where hospitality flows.

Gleeson's Townhouse, Roscommon, Ireland,
turned into an art gallery. 36 original contemporary art paintings
on exhibition by Corina Thornton until January 7th 2010.
This is the on-line preview of the 'Timescapes' show which will be traveling throughout Ireland in 2010...Enjoy.

A sequence of paintings from an exhibition called 'Lifestance'.
The evolution of life through movements, forming, constantly evolving, shapes rising, turning, swirling in motion, revolving.
Soaring gracefully, captured with passion, caught in a trance,
life's Dance of becoming true to oneself, at peace.

Venus Crow woo's the crowd with 'Thorn Song' at The Odessa Club, Dublin. Launching her Debut Album 'Solomon's Shadow' now available on iTunes and Amazon.

Music by Steve LaValley inspired by the paintings of Thorn - to hear more from this highly acclaimed and experienced musician Go to

Part Two

Video by Mick Eile - The second session....‘OculAcoustic’

The rains poured and the winds howled in unison with the musical inspiration of Gary Dunne and Frank Byrne, on the 11th November 2010 inside the snug, intimate, relaxing Studio Gallery.

‘Three Pairs of hands and a blank canvas’

Filmed, edited and produced by Ray Beggan - Here is a brilliantly masterful video depicting the crazyness of the night which found ‘three pairs of hands and a blank canvas’ inspired by Musicians Gary Dunne, Kathy Henderson and Robbie Hogan....Painters- Siobhan O’Leary,
Ani Morton and Corina Thornton. This was THE night that launched the Free Art Society and The Studio to the public- 24th September 2010... and the epic painting began ....

Ballydehob Jazz Festival 2013 -
Earthship played in the Community Hall -
Corina Thornton (Thorn) & Detlef Schlich (Det)
Painted to the rhythm and sound - Contrasting styles galore -
Smooth Grooves abound.

Live painting with musicians, filmed on location in The Finncourt, Oldcastle, with Dem Fools,
Live Painting Performance by Corina Thornton (a.k.a Thorn)
The song is 'Not a hard as it looks' - Thanks to Le Cheile,

Music and Art co-creating in a dynamic inspirational relationship at
the Le Cheile Arts and Music Festival, Oldcastle,
Ireland on 31.July.2010.
'Watching each of these alone would be a sheer delight, together,
it was awesome!' This painting is Dedicate to Fox. E, and its title 'Forbidden Fruit' comes from one of her deliriously sultry songs -Forbidden Fruit

This is a whole plethora of murals integrated into a single
dynamic design which spans almost the
entire attic spacein a dormer bungalow.
The space is for three children to have their own play area,
out of the way of meddling adults.

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